Conference Sheet


University of Murcia
Bilingual Teaching Association


University of Oviedo
University of Valladolid
International University of La Rioja
University of Extremadura
Rey Juan Carlos University
University of La Laguna
San Jorge University
University of Granada
University of Alcalá
University of Cordoba
International University of Valencia
University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
University of Castilla-La Mancha
University of Jaén
Catholic University of Murcia
CEU Cardenal Herrera University
National University of Distance Education
Nebrija University


X International Conference on Bilingual Education in Educational Centers
CIEB-2024 – Murcia


To provide attendees with information and training on bilingual education and language teaching at all levels of the educational system, primary, secondary, high school and university.

To analyze the evolution of bilingual education from its beginnings, its implementation, its development, its advantages and disadvantages, its problems, its successes, its results in order to prepare for the future with information on everything that has been done so far and with proposals for improvement.

To know the great diversity of elements that are necessary for the good functioning of a bilingual education program, among them the design of the program, the resources and the training. It is important to analyze how they have functioned and what measures should be taken to improve their quality.

To continue analyzing the functioning of bilingual education in the Spanish educational system, the programs, their advantages and disadvantages, their development, their management, their results, in Spain, in Europe and in the world.

To nurture a forum for discussion, debate, exchange of ideas and experiences among professionals in bilingual education and language teaching and, at the same time, to support teachers and professors who strive to offer bilingual education to their students, and who work tirelessly, striving to acquire the best possible command of the language of instruction and the highest possible skills.


October 25th, 26th and 27th, 2024

Place of celebration

University of Murcia
Faculty of Education
Espinardo Campus
Building 9
30100 Murcia


University professors
University students
Educational administrations


Bilingual Education
Language teaching/foreign languages
Methodologies in language teaching
Resources for bilingual teaching
Evaluation and accreditation
Teacher training. Initial and in-service.
Virtual learning environments
Artificial intelligence
Inclusion and attention to diversity
CLIL/ICOLE best practices
Interculturality and mediation
Design and implementation of bilingual programs
Excellence and quality in bilingual teaching
Reading and Writing in the Bilingual Classroom
Family and Bilingualism
Social networks


Plenary Presentations, Plenary Sessions, Plenary Panels, Expert Panels, Papers, Workshops and Discussions.

Working languages

Speakers may use any of the three languages in papers and workshops.

Academic accreditation

Attendance at the congress, the presentation of papers, workshops and presentations, and participation in the scientific committee will be academically accredited by the Congress Management.

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