CIEB 2024 - 25TH, 26TH AND 27TH OCTOBER 2024


The University of Murcia and the Asociación Enseñanza Bilingüe are delighted to
announce the 10th International Conference on Bilingual Education in Educational
Centres – CIEB 2024. The event is scheduled to take place at the Faculty of
Education on the Espinardo Campus of the University of Murcia, Building 9, from
October 25 to 27, 2024. We look forward to welcoming participants and engaging
in enriching discussions on bilingual education during this significant gathering.

For the past two decades, we have implemented bilingual education in Spain. Now, it is essential to assess our efforts, reflecting on both achievements and errors. This retrospective analysis aims to inform our future endeavors positively.
While significant strides have been made, there is still considerable work ahead of us.
When does it start?

25th October 2024 to 27th October 2024

Where does it take place?

Faculty of Education of the University of Murcia


The benefits of bilingual education for students enrolled in bilingual schools are
indisputable. The continuous expansion of this educational approach, driven by
the increasing demand from families, has resulted in a scenario where over one
and a half million students are currently receiving bilingual education across more
than 7,300 public and state-subsidized schools.


Bilingual education programs encompass intricate structures that involve various
components, including administrations, schools, students, and families. Their​
primary goal is to attain the utmost level of linguistic competence among pupils.
Within this framework, critical factors such as program design, allocation of
resources, and comprehensive training play pivotal roles in ensuring the program’s


To scrutinize the progression of bilingual education within the Spanish education
system, we aim to delve into the development, expansion, management, and
outcomes of these programs. Our objective is to identify both strengths and
weaknesses, paving the way for essential improvement actions to enhance the
overall quality of bilingual programs. Special emphasis will be placed on elevating
the levels of teacher training and evaluation to ensure comprehensive
advancements in the educational landscape.

To serve as a platform for professionals in the realms of bilingual education and language teaching, fostering discussion, debate, and the exchange of ideas and experiences. Simultaneously, our aim is to offer support to dedicated teachers and professors committed to providing bilingual education to their students. These educators work tirelessly to attain mastery in the language of instruction and strive for the highest proficiency to enhance their teaching skills.

A conference for everyone

It is aimed at teachers, secondary school teachers, university professors, university students, educational managers, researchers and educational administrations, experts from any educational sector or related to education who are interested in everything related to bilingual teaching and language teaching in public, subsidised or private schools, in immersion programmes (AICOLE/CLIL) in a foreign language or in any other modality.

The Conference will focus mainly on the following themes:

The University of Murcia and the Bilingual Teaching Association invite you to participate in a genuine exchange of experiences and to contribute your knowledge to deepen the analysis of multiple aspects of bilingual teaching.

As an expert in bilingual teaching, your collaboration is highly appreciated.
We are waiting for you!

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